To illustrate the kind of community service performed here are some examples of the social involvement experiences of our students.

Susan, Jenny and the Medical Relief Community
Susan and Jenny are two Palestinian students who contributed together at the Medical Relief Community in Ramallah, a non-governmental organization that aims to improve the health care conditions and provide social activities for Palestinians. One of the center’s main activities is a summer camp for handicapped children. Both Susan and Jenny played a key role in the summer camp as instructors responsible for supervising the children during the entire summer program

Ala’a, Abeer and the UNHCR
Two Jordanian students, Ala’a and Abeer, decided to contribute at the United Nations High Commission For Refugees (UNHCR), a humanitarian agency that provides protection and assistance for the world’s refugees. Ala’a and Abeer worked closely with the refugees, helping them in all sorts of ways. For example, they assisted refugees in presenting their cases before the panel responsible for determining the kind of help to be provided.

Osh and the “Ray of Light”
Osh, an Israeli graduate, organized a group of students called “Ray of Light,” which addresses the most pressing needs of their home community in Tel-Aviv. He began by contacting local non-profit community organizations and worked jointly with them to identify the resources most in demand. Then, by means of various campaigns, the group raised money and collected food and clothing to distribute to the needy. News of their work spread with the aid of a local radio talk show, and today the local organizations come to Osh and the “Ray of Light” with their wish list to improve the well-being of their neighbors and build a sense of self-reliance within the community.

Rana and the Boarding School for Orphans
Rana, an Arab Israeli student, was active at a boarding school for orphan girls at her village. Her main responsibility was helping the students with their homework. Many of the students, being away from home, needed someone to talk to, and Rana devoted most of her time and energy supporting them emotionally.