a significant part in the NIR School program is the Social Involvement Program. The NIRSchool was founded on the spirit of giving , and the Social Involvement Program of the NIRSchool seeks to pass on that spirit onto society at large. The students contribute to their home communities by drawing from the multi-cultural experience and scientific knowledge they have acquired.

 As part of the program , the students are required to perform at least 60 hours of social involvement in their communities. During the NIR School sessions each student presents his/her involvement experience. In this manner the students have a chance to share their experience and achievements with the rest of the NIR School community. Moreover ,presenting their Social Involvement exposes the group members to different areas where help is needed and to the different ways in which it can be achieved.

 We are very proud of this feature in the NIR School agenda , and feel blessed to have had so many of our past and present students contributing to society , some staying on at their place of involvement long after completing the hourly quota requirements