Listed below are some of the topics discussed over the course of the program. The topics are not necessarily taught in the order in which they are presented here and the curriculum is subject to changes. The list illustrates a typical plan of study in the program.
Introductory Lecture
The Ways Form and Function Relate

Overview of Major Organ Systems of the Body
Communication Between the Major Organ Systems
DNA, Genes & Chromosomes
The Human Genome Project & Genetic Engineering Epidemiology

A Brief History of Medicine Methodological Workshop:

An Overview of the Circulatory System
The Blood Vessels
The Conduction System
Systole and Diastole
Pulse & Heart-Rate – A Workshop
Introduction to Blood Pressure – A Workshop
Pressure Pulse & Pulse Pressure
Blood Pressure
The Capillaries
Coronary Arteries and Coronary Veins
The Heart as a Symbol – A Workshop

What Can Go Wrong With The Heart? – A Workshop
When Structures Fail – Vulvular Diseases
When Conduction Fails – Conduction Diseases
The ‘Simplest’ Thing That Can Go Wrong – Heart Failure
The ‘Quietest’ Thing That Can Go Wrong – Hypertension
The ‘Deadliest’ Thing That Can Go Wrong – Artery Disease
Other Things That Can Go Wrong

Heart Disease Overview – Diagnosis
Emotional Aspects of Heart Disease
An Overview of Interventional Cardiology
A Personal Account of Interventional Cardiology
Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) Surgery
Post MI Rehabilitation

First Aid

Final Projects

Shaare-Zedek Medical Center fieldtrip, Jerusalem
Medinol Production Plant fieldtrip, Jerusalem
The Arab Center for Heart and Special Surgery
fieldtrip, Amman
King Hussein Medical Center fieldtrip, Amman