The program consists of four meetings within two years, two meetings of about a week during the summer school vacation and two long weekends during winter. The meetings take place in different places, within and outside the region. Upon completion of the program the students’ achievements are accredited with an official diploma jointly issued by the NIR School and the Harvard-MIT Biomedical Engineering Center.

By the beginning of 2013, the NIR School has over 600 graduates, and we maintain close contact with many of them. A large percentage of our graduates pursue academic careers; approximately 40% have chosen medical studies. Based on our strong belief in education, we assist our students in every possible way with their academic pursuits and personal goals and ambitions. Given the experience of the social and academic programs in the NIR School and the volunteer work in their home communities, we are proud that our graduates continue their commitment to peace and equality in their personal and professional lives.


The program content consists of three main parts: the Academic Program, the Volunteer Program and the Social Program. All of these parts are interrelated in ways that they complement and enrich one another. The careful planning and intensity of the program results in one of the richest programs available to teenagers today, and is genuinely considered to be an experience of a lifetime which is as much fun as it is intellectually stimulating.


All candidates must be 15-16 years of age at the time the program begins.
When selecting the students the following criteria are taken into account:

Academic achievements and a strong interest in science

Community involvement, as exhibited by voluntary and other personal commitments

within home communities

Highly developed inter-personal skills including demonstrable potential for leadership

Good command of the English language, the official language of the NIR School


The NIR School is a non-profit, non-political organization that is independently sponsored byDr. Judith Richter and Dr. Kobi Richter who founded the school. Students who are accepted to the NIR School are supported by a fellowship, which covers the tuition, accommodations, meals and travel expenses for the four meetings. However, a registration fee of 200$ applies for ACCEPTED students.


The program is run and supervised by a professional team whose members come, just like the students themselves, from different places around the Middle East. Each of the Staff Members is well experienced in his field of expertise and provides a unique contribution to the program. The variety of educational backgrounds includes biology, physics, mathematics, social work, political science, psychology, music and art. All staff members have vast experience in group-work, and do their utmost to create and enrich a nurturing environment.

How, when & where

The first step towards getting into the program is to contact us by one of the means specified in the ‘Contact Us’ section. If you are interested to apply to the NIR School, read the information sheet in the ‘contact’ section carefully and follow the rest of the instructions. You can contact us by email, fax or phone with any questions. Look at the ‘News & Events’ section for the dates of the next group and the application deadline.